Filiberto Reid Carcama, Manager of TropicRiverWoods Arboretum    Filiberto Reid Carcama, Manager

When we first met Filiberto Reid, the gentleman, and we do mean "gentle man", who owned the Filiberto and Paul discuss the now known as TropicRiverWoods Arboretum, little did we know that he would become the integral cog of the wheel.  Had Filiberto not appreciated our vision of his property, he would not have sold it to us (he did not need to).  As if that was not enough, Filiberto actually took it upon himself to start suggesting ways to improve the property and, having lived there his whole life of 62 years, Filiberto knows just about everyone in town.

Our first attempt at growing plants from seeds and seedlings at the property ended abruptly, and dishearteningly, due to the sheer heat and lack of alternative Filiberto and Paul examine the nursery.watering sources, both of which either did not allow the seeds to germinate or killed most of the seedlings.  Filiberto suggested that he start the seeds in plastic bags and keep them at his house, under a spreading guava tree.  This was his first of many sound suggestions and began his own personal involvement in the project.  Still today our seedlings are being started that way (see picture at right).  He also suggested putting in a watering system, that he could do it himself so that during the dry season (November to June) he could use a sprinkler system as the need arose.

Paul and Filiberto discuss the future plantings.His knowledge of the land, and the people, has made it possible for TropicRiverWoods to begin taking shape.  He is as dedicated to the project as anyone could be and, being retired, has the time and energy to assist wherever needs be.

If it was up to only our few days here and there that we can afford to be away from our daily routines that, although necessary for the future of the project, does hinder our ability to afford the time and work on the arboretum that it needs, and deserves, we cannot envision where the property would be today without Filiberto.

                                                                                                      Filiberto with Pinto, who is constructing the fence





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