Update, March 1, 2010!
This trip, Paul went solo to take care of some administrative items and to see the progress of the garden.  It is now very difficult to get full pictures of the trees and planting areas as the growth has been incredible!

The bridge over the Rio Changuinola has now been completed and takes at least 10 minutes off the trip from TropicRiverWoods to the city center; not to mention a lot safer.  The bridge on the left is what was used to travel across the river!

The newly completed bridge over the Rio Changuinola


What follows, is a photographic record of Paul's February 2010 TropicRiverWoods project findings.  So welcome to the continuing progression of a world-class botanical garden.


Here are more pictures of the growth that has occurred since the inception of TropicRiverWoods.  Remember, everything you see here was once bare land!

Cyrtostachys renda, Red Sealing Wax Palm

Red Sealing Wax Palm
Cyrtostachys renda

Heliconia about to bloom

A new Heliconia about to bloom

Heliconias and Brazilian Cloak in full bloom

Heliconias and Brazilian
Cloak in full bloom

Chenille Plant, Acalypha hispida

7 foot/2.35 meter tall Chenille Plant
Acalypha hispida

Iriartea deltoidia

Iriartea deltoidia

Splendid Palm, Vershaffeltia splendida

Splendid Palm
Verschaffeltia splendida

Cocoa tree with cocoa pods

Filiberto with Cocoa and pods

Licuala grandis

Licuala grandis at 8 feet/2.75 meter

Licuala grandis

Further view of Licuala grandis


Bouganvilla growing along the entrance fence

Bouganvilla growing upon the entrance fence

View of the entrance to TropicRiverWoods Botanical Garden

Front entrance to TropicRiverWoods

Filiberto Reed Carcama and a huge Aroid

Filiberto next to an Aroid

Some Random Shots

Main road going past TropicRiverWoods Botanical Garden





A few pictures from our adopted town, Changuinola, Bocas del Toro, Panama         

Paul with Gladys, the owner of the Chaquita Banana restaurant; our second home away from home

Paul with Gladys, owner
of The Chaquita Banana restaurant

Locals playing chess

Locals playing chess at
the Chaquita Banana

Looking west towards downtown Changuinola

Street Scene

One of the side streets in Changuinola

Side street scene

El Buen Sabor, the local sweet shop and bakery

Dulces and Pan from
El Buen Sabor

Locals walk past a fresh fruit stand

Street Scene

Traffic in front of the local bus station

Downtown Changuinola

Behind the local bus and transportation station

Transportion Station with a
row of Veitchia merrillii

Hotel Golden Sahara, where we always stay

The Golden Sahara Hotel
Ask for Humberto!


Wild Royal Palm and Poinciana

Western Union with a
Royal Palm and Poinciana


One of the many local watering holes

One of the local night spots



Down by the river at TropicRiverWoods

Filiberto walking towards the new bridge over the creek at TropicRiverWoods Botanical Gardens

Looking inward and following the creek

Our next regularly scheduled Loma Finca Cuatro TropicRiverWoods, S.A. update will be sometime during the summer of 2010 when Paul and Brad will continue to preserve this special parcel of land.

Paul and Brad, Your Hosts!



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