Update, June 23, 2007!
We are beginning to enhance the entrance to TropicRiverWoods, giving it a more formal and inviting aura.



What follows, is a photographic record of Paul 's June 2007 TropicRiverWoods project findings.  So welcome to the continuing progression of a world-class botanical garden



As the walls are erected, you can see where the decorative wrought-iron sections will be inserted.  A total of 160 feet (52 meters) are being installed in the first phase of the fence.

Interior of fence

Part of the exterior fence being built at TropicRiverWoods

Filiberto and Pinto talking about the fence construction


This is the style of wrought-iron that will finish the exterior fence.

This is the style of wrought-iron that will be used for the fence at TropicRiverWoods




Here are pictures of the growth that has occured since the inception of TropicRiverWoods.  Remember, most of the plants were started from seed less than two years ago!

A grouping of several types of trees

A grouping of plants

Filiberto and Raphael

Red sealing wax palm is growing

Walkways of tropicriverwoods

Baby sealing wax palm


The bridge over Rio Changuinola is taking shape............finally.


             New bridge over rio changuinola

Our next regularly scheduled Loma Finca Cuatro TropicRiverWoods, S.A. update will be in late October, 2007 during which Paul and Brad will continue to preserve this special parcel of land.

Paul and Brad, Your Hosts!



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