Paul standing next to a young Breadfruit beginning to reach for the sky.Paul standing next to his favorite tree, the breadfruit (Artocarpus altilus).  Many have now been planted in the garden and even more are in the nursery waiting to gain more strength before being transferred to TropicRiverWoods (on right).Filiberto and Paul inspect the progress of the seedling nursery and the future TropicRiverWoods trees.

Our trip in March saw another great transformation even since November.  The footpaths and staircases have nearly 1/4 mile to them.  Next they will be cemented with river rock inserted within the cement.  The trees have even gained more height, becoming taller than we are.   Filiberto continues to amaze us with his knowledge and dedication to the project.

What follows, is a photographic record of our March, 2005
TropicRiverWoods project findings.

Paul standing under a Balsa Tree that we started from seed!

Paul standing under a Balsa Tree
that was started from seed!


The footpaths continue to grow throughout the property.   Immediately below, left, Paul uses fluorescent spraypaint to map out a few more paths.

Paul uses flourescent spraypaint to map out additional walkways throughout TropicRiverWoods Arboretum.

Additional walkway in the lower section of TRW.


The growth of the trees is becoming quite impressive as is the addition of understory flora

Iridians Royal Poinciana Trees Tropical Cotton
Sausage Tree Looking down the property towards the river. African Tulip Trees in the valley showing their floral plumage.


Filiberto has added even more wildflowers along the pathway at the entrance and many of our flowering trees are beginning to mature and bloom.

Red trumpet flowers Close-up of trumpet flowers Delicate straw-like flowers
Cassia blooms Heliconia blossoms are abundant throughout the garden Wildflowers
Red Passion Vine Hibiscus blossom Heliconia bloom


Birds appear to be seeing the changes, too!

A Great Kiskadee sits on a branch singing its beautiful tropical lyrics to us.
A Great Kiskadee

(Pitangus sulpharatus)

A Mother Woodnympth stands guard as Brad takes pictures of her babies in their nest.
Crowned Woodnymph
(Thalurania colombica venusta)

Baby woodnymphs waiting for mom to bring some more food.
Baby Woodnymphs
(Mother, on left, was watching very closely as Brad took pictures of her babies)


An exploration found many types of ferns and bromeliads/aroids

Fern Fern Fern
Fern Bromeliad Ariod


Changuinola River with an area of land in the middle that used to be forested.Unfortunately, there was also a 30 year flood that happened in February.  The Changuinola River swelled and with great force, toppled trees, destroyed banana crops and displaced thousands of residents many of which also become unemployed.  Note the empty land in the picture on the left, it previously had trees and shrubs on it.

Part of the land adjacent to ours slid.

Part of the land adjacent to ours, slid down the hill...

Tree felled by landslide

toppling even this large tree into what was a small creek bed...

Larger revine

enlarging the creek bed into a small ravine, full of debris.

The next regularly scheduled Loma Finca Cuatro TropicRiverWoods, S.A. update will be in the either May or June, 2005, by Paul in solo to take down additional seedlings of pine, cassia and teak, amongst others, that will be hardy enough by then to cultivate.

Paul and Brad, Your Hosts!



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