Our trip in November saw a great transformation from even June, when the footpaths and staircases took on a more finished look.  The trees continue to reach towards the heavenly skies and seem to appreciate the love a devotion given them by Filiberto (and our continual waves of love from afar)!


Paul and Filiberto discuss the future pathways at TropicRiverWoods.  A Licuala grandis is in the foreground and Guavas behind.Paul and Filiberto look towards the future of TropicRiverWoods!

What follows, is a photographic record of our November, 2004 TropicRiverWoods project findings.


Laurel and Guava Trees on the Northeast slope.

Poinciana Trees growing on the northwest slope of the property.


Staircase leading to the top of the property and the entrance.

Staircase looking down the path.

Pathway leading down the property.

Our first Balsa Tree (Ochroma pyrimidale) begins to get both height and larger leaves.  Guava can be seen in the background.

A newly planted Coconut Palm (Cocos nucifera) begins to show its' mature fronds.

Licuala grandis, a magnificent pleated fan-palm from Southeast Asia.

An African Tulip Tree (Spathodea companulata) in bloom on the top of the TropicRiverWoods Ridge.

On the right, our back-up watering system has been installed.  The holding tank (top picture) is located at the top of the property and the well (bottom picture) is about 30 meters below near the stream bed.  Even in the rainforest, mother nature needs a little help now and then!

Sprinkling System holding tank.

The well cap.


The next regularly scheduled Loma Finca Cuatro TropicRiverWoods, S.A. update will be in the mid March, 2005, after our next "wave" of planting the second week of March, after which the current in-ground growth progress will be photographically documented.

Paul and Brad, Your Hosts!


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