Update, November 29, 2007!
The entrance to TropicRiverWoods is almost finished!



What follows, is a photographic record of Paul and Brad's November 2007 TropicRiverWoods project findings.  So welcome to the continuing progression of a world-class botanical garden.


Here are more pictures of the growth that has occurred since the inception of TropicRiverWoods.  Remember, everything you see here was once bare land!

Brazilian Cloak

Passiflora bloom

Paul standing under the canopy

Panama Hat Palm

Licuala grandis




A few pictures from our adopted town, Changuinola, Bocas del Toro, Panama         

Paul with Gladys, owner of The Chaquita Banana restaurant

Changuinola Airport


A local bar using all natural building materials including seats made from tree trunks

The best hotel in town, The Golden Sahara.  Ask for Humberto!

Delicious sweets from
La Buen Sabor

Entrance to our attorney's office, Bufete Lewis


Another resident finds the addition of over 2,000 trees to his, or her, liking!

Our next regularly scheduled Loma Finca Cuatro TropicRiverWoods, S.A. update will be in the spring of 2008 during which Paul and Brad will continue to preserve this special parcel of land.

Paul and Brad, Your Hosts!



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