The photographs below were taken during Paul's second visit to Bocas del Toro Province, this time accompanied by Brad, to speak with Mr. Filiberto Reid, owner of the land.  Place your cursor on the picture to read its' caption and click on the picture for a larger image.

Feb trip to begin the seed planting marathon! You can see theTalamanca Mountain Range in Costa Rica from the top of the property.  Around this area, we plan to build our wooden pole home. Another view of the beautiful Talamanca Range from the top of the property. The new InterAmerican highway from Almirante to Changuinola borders our property.  This road was constructed in the late 1990's. The view from the top of our property, this time looking South towards Armistad National Park.
Mr. Filiberto Reid,a gentle spirit and  the seller of the property, while escorting us on the land.  He only sold it to us because of how we plan to use the land. Looking North down the slope of the property. A view looking North from the top of the property.  You can see thousands of acres of banana plants, 8 feet tall, all in the valley with the Changuinola River that come from the cloud forests of Central Panama. Another view of the river valley looking towards Bocas del Toro and the Caribbean Another beautiful day at TropicRiverWoods

We are proud to share with you some of our trips' photographs taken of the spectacular & varied Panamanian countryside!!   This nation is an ecology-minded travelers' dream locale to visit!

Paul boards an Aeroperlas plane to Bocas del Toro Province! Cute and convenient downtown Changuinola, Panama Another view of Changuinola, a city of 50,000 Floow the Bocas del Toro! Our founders, Paul & Brad share a moment of relaxation...from trabajo!
Raging river rapids from the cloud forest moving towards the sea Rainbows are a regular "surprise" in Panama! A beautiful valley between Boquete and David with rich soil and numerous vegetable and flower farms Another beautiful Panamanian sunset! Iron deposits seen from the near constant spring waterfalls from the mountains.  Notice the low lying bromeliads and ferns



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