Our "Time Lapse" Photography of
Various pathways to the future

Below are several of the pathways for TropicRiverWoods as they have evolved during just the past year.  This is just one representation of the evolution at Finca Cuatro.

Progress is dramatic as evidenced by the time-lapse photographs below.

The beginning of our "escalera", or stairs, to faciliate the enjoyment of the property better at TRW can be seen.  June, 2004

Cement Steps June 05



One of the pathways being built at TRW which will allow visitors to more easily enjoy the landscape.  June, 2004

November, 2004

Cement Walk.jpg (1429978 bytes)


A myriad of the young trees, (trumpet, guava, noni, teak) can been seen in this view with one of the stairways in the background.

Another view of the first stairway constructed with many plantings.


Below are some of the seedlings that have progressed towards their maturity.

Griffith's Cycad

MVC-004S_small.gif (9557 bytes)

Griffiths2.jpg (601415 bytes) June, 2008
Royal Poinciana
Ice cream bean in the foreground, and a royal poinciana in the back, will provide wonderful shade and colourful flowers around the visitors center.
Poincianas.jpg (1382263 bytes) 3-28-2006-37.jpg (2375514 bytes)  
Formerly Vacant Hillside

Filiberto's wife, Herminia, joined Paul and Filiberto and surveyed the landscape, admiring the beautiful progress.

Same Hillside With 65 Pine Seedlings Planted and

Bare hillside is coming to life


Balsa Wood
Balsa November, 2004
June, 2005 Balsa.jpg (407428 bytes)  

DVC00038.JPG (95685 bytes)

Breadfruit.jpg (488949 bytes) 64.jpg (2174223 bytes)  
Tropical Cotton Tree

cotton.JPG (113766 bytes)

3-28-2006-24.jpg (2493923 bytes)    
Mamey Sapote
Sapote.jpg (448762 bytes)
3-28-2006-26.jpg (2421865 bytes)    
Papaya.jpg (486263 bytes)
3-28-2006-32.jpg (2177748 bytes)  
Bismarckia nobilis palm

Bismarckia Nobilis Palm  
A Mélange of Pine, African Tulip Tree, Breadfruit and Pine

Malang of trees

Panama Hat Palm

Panama_palm.jpg (453802 bytes)

7.jpg (2580669 bytes)    

Even the local town of Changuinola moves forward:

The Local Bus Depot and Shopping Mall

Old bus station after demolition Bus Station taking shape Bus station is almost complete  

Don't look down...or ahead...just close your eyes and drive.The bridge over Rio Changuinola is finally completed.  This bridge replaced the existing bridge that was originally built as a train trestle.  The old bridge used to transport both trains and cars with planks set in place for the car wheels to ride on! 

Approaching the bridge; you can see the new bridge being started on the top right. Construction on the bridge over Rio Changuinola June, 2008 Completed bridge over the Changuinola River


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